Thigh Lift Procedure – All You Need to Know

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People who have lost a large amount of weight sometimes feel discomfort when they walk, as a result of loose flabby skin, and are prone to develop rashes, skin irritation, and general hygiene problems.  In addition, finding clothes that fit comfortably can be difficult too.

A thigh lift is a procedure that reshapes the thighs by reducing excess skin and fat that have resulted from a successful weight loss program. It results in smoother skin and a better-proportioned contour of the thighs. Best of all, you may even be eligible for coverage from your insurance company.

San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Shahin Javaheri is well-versed in the many variations of thigh lifts, and scheduling a consultation will give you the opportunity to work with him to put together a plan that will yield the best possible results for you.

Generally, the procedure takes between 2 and 4 hours but may vary depending on the complexity of your situation.

All in all, the procedure is a great choice for those who have lost a ton of weight and now suffer from loose, excess, flabby, or dimpled skin around the thighs and buttocks.

If this sounds familiar, please call 855.923.3800 to schedule an appointment in San Francisco or Berkeley to discuss the thigh lift procedure with Dr. Javaheri.

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