Craniosynostosis is a condition where the bone plates of the infant’s skull fuse prematurely. This results in various types of skull shapes. For example, a premature closure of the “lambdoid” suture can cause a widening of the sides of the head and concurrently, the temporals may appear to be narrower. Another type is metopic which is a premature closure of the metopic suture. This can cause trigonocephaly where a triangular appearance of the head is noted. The forehead is pointy and will appear narrow and wide! and the back of the head will be flat.

Unfortunately, terms such as pin-head, or flat head, have been used as derogatory ways to describe people with these deformities.

Most of these are repaired in early infancy; however, when not done there may be a way to restore close to normal or normal shape.

Dr. Javaheri uses 3-D scanning/reconstruction of the skull to create a solid silicone implant which is surgically implanted to re-create a normal or near-normal appearance, often in a single operation. 

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3D image of a patient with a right skull deficit. The blue area depicts the implant that will fill the deficit.