From Scrawny to Brawny in a Flash

About Bicep Implants Surgery

Dr Javaheri performs a new and very advanced technique in biceps/triceps implants. He performs a SMALL ONE incision SUB-MUSCULAR placement of an implant in both biceps and triceps simultaneously. This creates a the most natural appearance possible.

People go to the gym for various reasons. Some go to train, others to get stronger, or to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. Probably the most common would be those who want to give their bodies a more developed and toned appearance.

Many individuals, especially men, make their arms a priority when working out. However, despite the strenuous arm-hitting routines, sometimes nothing seems to change. As unfair as it sounds, some are just unable to achieve the look desired.

Fortunately, there is always bicep implant surgery. This cosmetic procedure improves the muscular definition of your arms through the insertion of silicon-based implants. With an increased volume and fullness in the upper arm area, you can finally attain the arm look you have always wanted.

Why Choose Bicep Implants Surgery?

Bicep implant surgery is best for people who have been wanting to achieve muscle-defined and fuller upper arms. Even after doing vigorous workout routines and muscular conditioning, these individuals just cannot get the desired outcome. Genetics may play a key role, which makes it impossible for them to gain a brawny physique.

Although majority of the patients are males, there are also women who opt for this surgical procedure to achieve toned arms that would give them a more ripped appearance. If you see yourself as one of these individuals, bicep implant surgery might just be your solution.

Instead of spending all that time at the gym, why not just go for cosmetic surgery? Besides, results will not only be instantaneous, but they will also appear really natural.

Bicep Implants Before & After Photos

*Individual results will vary in each patient.

Are You a Bicep Implant Surgery Candidate?

Are you one of those people who incessantly spend hours at the gym doing heavy sets of bicep curls, hoping for a muscular pair of arms, only to end up with subpar results? If so, consider yourself a potential candidate for bicep implant surgery.

Ideal candidates are usually found in individuals who:

  • Have poorly-defined bicep formation
  • Have arm asymmetry
  • Are in good physical, mental, and psychological condition
  • Have no drug allergies
  • Have poor self-esteem due to weak arms 

What to Expect during Your Bicep Implants Surgery Consultation?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Javaheri, be ready to discuss your needs, objectives, and the look you wish to achieve. Whether you plan to undergo the surgery for aesthetic purposes or for correcting an imbalance, be honest with every detail that you disclose. At the same time, Dr. Javaheri see if you are a good candidate for the surgical procedure.

It is important that patients for bicep implant surgery are free from health complications. Part of the consultation will also include a medical background check and a physical examination. To see if you are in good condition, Dr. Javaheri will ask certain questions like:

  • What medications or supplements are you presently taking?
  • Do you have any allergic reaction to drugs?
  • Have you undergone past surgeries? If so, how was the experience?
  • What is your current medical condition?

You will be oriented as to how the bicep implant surgery procedure works, what needs to be done before and after operation, what activities to avoid, and what the potential risks are. Dr. Javaheri will also talk about the cost during the consultation, as it usually varies depending on the patients. Lastly, he will show you a display of bicep implants sizes from which you are to choose for the surgery.

Bicep Implant Surgery: Procedure Explanation

Performed in an outpatient setting, bicep implant surgery usually takes about 80 minutes to complete. General anesthesia, local anesthesia, or twilight sedation can be utilized.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Javaheri will begin to make incisions either on your armpit or your upper arm. He will proceed to create a pocket large enough for the implant to be inserted. After he sees the implant in a secured position, the final step of suturing is made.

What to Expect after Your Bicep Implant Surgery?

After the operation, expect to have your arms wrapped around in a bandage. This is normally done to reduce swelling.

You most likely will experience some feelings of tightness and pain, which will eventually subside a day or two later. Bruising is also common for bicep implant surgery patients.

Before sending you home, Dr. Javaheri will give specific instructions and restrictions to reduce the risks of rupturing your implants.

Your Bicep Implant Surgery Recovery Process

For the first two days of your post-operation, expect a moderate amount of pain. For this reason, you are strongly advised not to lift your arms during those days.

A week after your bicep implant surgery, your dressings will be removed. A light workout program for the arms will be given to enable a range of arm movements. Within a week or two, you are likely to resume your normal routine.

Full recovery may take a month. By then, you are allowed to go back to doing exercises. Keep in mind that the healing process depends on the health condition of every individual.

Possible Bicep Implant Surgery Complications

As with all surgical procedures, bicep implant surgery is not an exception to be inherent of potential risks. Although rare in occurrence, complications from undergoing the operation include bleeding, muscle or nerve damage, allergic reactions, and infection. On instances where infection happens, Dr. Javaheri will have to remove the implants.

Another possible complication is implant shifting, which involves the implants transferring to another body area. When this happens, another operation is required.

Again, the chances of encountering these problems are very low, especially when working with a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Javaheri. By following his recommendations and treatment program, you will have a safe recovery.

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