What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Breast reduction surgery can be a life enhancing procedure for women suffering from the discomfort of over-sized breasts.

 Many women who have undergone the procedure report increased self confidence, in addition to shoulder, neck, and back pain relief as major benefits of having breast reduction surgery.

San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Shahin Javaheri is up to date with the latest techniques that have improved with safety and aesthetic result of breast reduction surgery.

Although the primary goal of the surgery is to reduce the volume and weight of the breast, improving posture and making breathing less difficult, it is also important that the end result look normal and natural as possible.

While women of all ages can benefit from the surgery, it is typically not performed until the breasts are fully developed, and a woman is no longer planning to become pregnant, since pregnancy can lead to permanent re-enlargement.

Those that make the best candidates for breast reduction include woman who are suffering from shoulder, neck and back pain, skin irritations, or who are having trouble exercising or even breathing.

To schedule an appointment to discuss breast reduction with Dr. Javaheri in either his San Francisco or Berkeley offices, please call us today at (415) 923-3800.

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