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About Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery

If you have always wanted your butt to appear curvier, fuller, and perkier without going through an intense workout program, buttock lift surgery seems to be the best solution. Buttock lift surgery, or gluteoplasty, is designed to add more mass and volume to the underdeveloped areas of the buttocks, making them look less saggy, flat, and wrinkled. 

BBL Surgery San Francisco

Unlike buttock augmentation which involves fat transfer, buttock lift surgery is a much simpler procedure, with only the use of surgical excision and liposuction. Excess fats and skin from the gluteal area are removed, with the remaining skin repositioned for a tighter appearance of the buttocks.

Butt lift surgery has been popular for women who are conscious about the flat or flabby appearance of their buttocks. Whether the sagging is due to aging, genetics, or weight loss, this surgical procedure can fix it.

Before and After BBL Surgery

*Individual results will vary in each patient.

Why Choose Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) Surgery

There are people who have been tirelessly working their butts out at the gym, doing heavy sets and reps of squats and lunges, only to be disappointed with the outcome. Despite the time, money, and effort spent, not a single progress in their butt formation has been made. If you happen to be one of these unfortunate gym-goers, butt lift surgery might just be your answered prayer.

Buttock lift surgery is primarily used for cosmetic reasons, with the majority of the patients being females. With many people considering the butt to be an attractive feature, it’s no wonder why these women go under the knife for enhancement. The smoother, rounder the buttocks are, the more appealing individuals are seen.

Are You a Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery Candidate?

Typical candidates for buttock lift surgery include individuals who are unsatisfied with the form and contour of their buttocks. Anyone can actually be a candidate for the cosmetic procedure, provided that he or she is in good physical condition.

To be an ideal candidate for buttock lift surgery, consider the following:

  • You had significant weight loss as a result of dieting or bariatric surgery.
  • You have excess skin and sagginess in the gluteal area of your body.
  • You have loose skin below the waistline due to aging or pregnancy.
  • You have thin layers of fat below your loose skin.

What to Expect During Your Buttock Lift Surgery Consultation

During your initial consultation with Dr. Javaheri for Buttock Lift Surgery in San Francisco, be ready to talk about your expectations and goals as realistically and honestly as possible. Several questions pertaining to your medical history will be asked. A physical check-up is done afterward.

Patients are typically asked about their past and current medical conditions, certain allergic reactions, and their present medications. Those with previous surgical experiences also need to reveal the procedures.

After you pass your medical background for Buttock Lift Surgery in San Francisco, Dr. Javaheri will proceed to examine certain areas of your buttocks that are to be incised. You will be guided through the entire surgical procedure, including the possible complications involved during and after the butt lift surgery. Pre-operative instructions will also be provided.

Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery: Procedure Explanation

Before the operation takes place, you are advised to stay hydrated for safe recovery. You may not be allowed to take certain medications such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, as they tend to increase bleeding.

Because buttock lift surgery only takes three to six hours to complete, it is usually performed in an outpatient setting. General anesthesia is normally used for the operation, although other types may be used as an alternative.

Once the anesthesia has come into effect, Dr. Javaheri begins to remove excess skin by making incisions at the top portion of your buttocks or under the butt cheeks. The remaining skin will be pulled taut in order to tighten the glutes. In some cases, liposuction is necessary to further emphasize the shape of the buttocks.

Incisions are stitched back and closed in layers to make sure that the skin is still constricted. Surgical drains will be provided, along with bandages and a compression garment which helps reduce swelling.

Before and After Butt lift San Francisco

*Individual results will vary in each patient.

What to Expect After Your Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery

As with all other cosmetic procedures, you will experience pain and uneasiness after a successful buttock lift surgery. You will be dressed in a support garment which quickens the recovery process. Drains are also placed to remove blood, pus, or other fluids accumulated from the operation.

Dr. Javaheri will provide several instructions that you need to follow once you have been discharged. These recommendations must be taken into serious consideration for quick recovery and lower risk of health complications.

In most cases, patients are discharged once they are able to move and walk comfortably. Managing the drains is also one thing patients must know before being allowed to go home.

Your Buttock Lift Surgery Recovery Process

The recovery process for buttock lift surgery takes time. During the first few weeks after your operation, you’ll experience a slight discomfort especially when sitting down. In order to avoid complications from occurring, you are advised not to sit still for a long period of time.  

Most patients return to their normal routine and work after a week or two, although excessive physical activities should be avoided for a month. The healing process timeline depends on the person’s condition and habits. A healthy lifestyle provides faster recovery and fewer complications.

Possible Buttock Lift Surgery Complications

Butt lift surgery, just like any other cosmetic procedure, has possible risks after the operation. You must know that complications may vary depending on factors such as the medical condition of the patients. Dr. Javaheri will discuss the specific risks during your consultation for Buttock Lift Surgery in San Francisco.

Among the common ones are scarring, allergic reactions, infection, and bleeding. To lessen the pain, medication is usually given.

To reduce the possibility of risks, be sure to follow every instruction that has been provided to you. Before you decide to undergo buttock lift surgery, you must already be fully aware of the potential consequences it may bring about to your health.

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