What You Need to Know About Body Implant Surgery

With so many Americans concerned about their physical appearance, it is not surprising that body implant surgery has become very popular in the US. These cosmetic procedures make it possible for everyone to achieve their ideal physiques. Implants are used to enhance the forms and appearance of specific body parts, including the arms, chest, buttocks, and breasts.

If you see yourself unhappy with a certain body area, you should consider body implant surgery. Whether you are discouraged to see no result from your hard-hitting exercises, or you just want a leaner and muscular appearance without wasting your time at the gym, these surgical procedures are the perfect solution.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, body implant surgery also serves an important function in correcting asymmetrical forms. For instance, people with chest wall deformities can also regain their form from pectoral implant surgery.

Except for breast implants, the materials used are made of solid silicone. There is no reason to worry about the possibility of implant rupture since they are not fluid or gel-filled. Although body implant surgery has been proven to be safe, an efficient and knowledgeable surgeon should be doing the procedure.

Choosing Dr. Javaheri as your plastic surgeon is a decision you will not regret. With over 20 years of experience in the world of cosmetic surgery, he certainly knows how to give you a well-built and defined body.

What Happens During Consultation?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Javaheri, be ready to talk about your cosmetic goals and expectations. Explain what made you decide to undergo surgery, whether you are doing it for aesthetic or correction purposes. Based on the details you disclose, Dr. Javaheri will evaluate your eligibility for body implant surgery.

As with all other forms of cosmetic surgeries, it is crucial that patients-to-be are free from certain medical conditions. Dr. Javaheri will be asking certain questions regarding your medical background to ensure that you are cleared for operation. Here are some common questions usually asked by Dr. Javaheri:

  • What is your present health condition?
  • What medications are you currently taking, if any?
  • Do you have drug allergies?
  • Have you undergone past surgeries?

At the same time, you will be oriented as to how the entire body implant surgery procedure works, whether you are opting to enhance your chest, butt, or your pecs.

Instructions on what to do before and after the operation will be provided, as well as activities that you need to avoid. Possible risks and complications from the surgery will also be specified. As for the cost of your body implant surgery, Dr. Javaheri will discuss it with you during the consultation.

In order to choose the appropriate implant size and shape, Dr. Javaheri will take measurements of the body part you wish to alter. In some cases, he will show you a set of implants that you may select from.

What Makes an Ideal Candidate?

People who are unhappy with their appearance usually decide to go through body implant surgery. Normally, these are men and women with underdeveloped and poorly defined anatomy. To give you a general idea, ideal candidates for body implant surgery include individuals who:

  • Want to achieve a more well-developed body
  • Have asymmetrical body parts
  • Are in good physical, psychological, and mental state
  • Have poor self-confidence due to their appearance
  • Have sagging body parts due to aging

What Body Implants Procedures Do You Offer?

Dr. Javaheri offers a range of body implant surgery procedures, from arms to chest to legs. Face contouring, such as chin and cheek implants, are also among his many specialties.

Calf Implant Surgery

Designed to improve or correct the form of the calves, this surgical procedure is ideal for individuals with disproportioned limbs. Men and women who want toned and leaner legs opt for this cosmetic procedure.

Pectoral Implant Surgery

This form of body implant surgery is made for men who want a bulkier chest appearance. Patients are usually male individuals who have poorly defined pecs, despite doing sets of strenuous chest workouts.

Bicep Implant Surgery

Bicep implants provide individuals with muscular-looking arms that they are unable to achieve at the gym. This aesthetic procedure is also perfect for men who are too busy to exercise despite wanting a well-defined pair of arms.

Tricep Implant Surgery

Similar to bicep implant surgery, this arm implant procedure results to stronger-looking arms. Individuals no longer need to spend excessive hours at the gym exhausting their arms for nothing.

Butt Implant Surgery

Popular among women, this cosmetic surgery makes it possible to transform underdeveloped rear ends into fuller and curvier figures. Although the majority of the patients are females, Dr. Javaheri also caters to men who want bulkier butts.

Breast Implant Surgery

With breast implants, women can finally achieve the look they have always longed for. Whether these women have sagging breasts due to weight loss or aging or just want larger breasts than they have naturally, this body implant surgery gives them the opportunity to regain fuller and firmer breasts.

Chin Implant Surgery

This aesthetic procedure benefits men and women with weak chin structures. By adding volume to the jaw, one can attain a face that is very appealing to the eyes.

Cheek Implant Surgery

Cheek implant surgery provides individuals with a more youthful look. People with hollow or sagging cheeks are often perceived to be older than they really are. By undergoing this enhancement procedure, they will no longer feel frustrated or conscious about their appearance.

Possible Complications & Risks for Body Implant Surgery

Body implant surgery, just like any other surgical procedure, is capable of bringing risks and complications. Bruising and swelling normally occur after operations, although they will eventually subside days later. In some instances, scarring is also possible.

Other potential risks from body implant surgery may include:

  • Bleeding
  • Blood clotting
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Implant shifting

Although the chances of these complications occurring are very minimal, you should take precautions by following Dr. Javaheri’s treatment plan. With his experience and expertise in the field, you will achieve a safe recovery.

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