Renuvion J Plasma Skin Resurfacing

For many years, facelifts were not just the best way to address sagging skin and other issues – in many cases, facelifts were the only option available. Today, we are proud to be the first practice in San Francisco to offer Renuvion J Plasma Technology.  Dr Shahin Javaheri is known to bring the latest technology to achieve optimal results for his patients.

Renuvion J Plasma can do both skin tightening and skin resurfacing.  Skin tightening is used on parts of the face and neck as well as body such as:  arms, abdomen, back, thighs….anywhere there is excess skin to be tightened.

These procedures almost always yield stunning results. Many patients who are not quite ready for the traditional facelift surgical approach but want facial rejuvenation due to wrinkles and skin discoloration. J Plasma skin resurfacing is a great long lasting option and is more cost effective than a traditional facelift. Finally, facelifts do not change the skin’s basic makeup and do not address skin discoloration at all. These procedures just alter the appearance of your face.

Renuvion with J Plasma Skin Resurfacing uses a combination of helium gas and radiofrequency energy to create plasma. This plasma not only tightens skin, but it also removes discoloration. In many cases, the results last a lifetime.  Often times, depending on one’s age and skin condition, Renuvion can be combined with other facial surgeries and the outcome is BEAUTIFUL!

Am I A Good Candidate?

Time may or may not heal all wounds, but it definitely damages the skin. Injury, illness, and inflammation can all cause skin discoloration. So do things like solar radiation and differing melanin levels in the body.

Time and gravity also cause skin to sag, particularly in certain areas around the face and neck. If the patient has lost weight rapidly during middle age, the effect could be even more pronounced. This is because our skin is less elastic as we age.

Many people may have blotchy skin due to sun damage and saggy jowls due to age, yet they never considered cosmetic surgery until now. If you are dissatisfied with your appearance, we are more than happy to discuss your options with you. It’s also important to note that any cosmetic procedure is a personal choice and we are here to help guide you through the process.

Renuvion with J Plasma Skin Resurfacing is non-invasive and the best candidate is one with fair skin (Fitzpatrick 1-2). If you’d like to know if you are a candidate, contact our office for more information.

About Renuvion J Plasma Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Radiofrequency energy is basically the same energy which powers cell phones. So, in all but rare instances, RF energy is safe. Renuvion with J Plasma Skin Resurfacing uses mild RF energy that’s designed for topical use. The helium focuses the energy and transforms the radio waves into plasma.

The combination of gas and energy subtly alters molecules to tighten the skin. Perhaps more importantly, the energy gently removes the outer skin layer. The remaining skin looks younger and healthier, because it has never been exposed to our harsh environment. Moreover, this layer of skin is naturally tighter, since it is closer to the bone.

Finally, J Plasma resurfacing is a great option  for this outer layer part of the skin where discoloration is a problem. These issues are quite literally only skin deep. So, this same process also removes, as opposed to masks, skin discoloration.

Renuvion Skin Resurfacing Procedure

During the in-office J Plasma skin resurfacing procedure, the doctor usually uses an advanced wand to delicately “paint” the treatment areas. The doctor typically uses a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Patients may only experience mild temporary discomfort during the procedure. The appointment usually lasts between one and two hours, depending on the treatment areas.