The following are just some of the testimonials
submitted by satisfied patients of Dr. Javaheri

“I had Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty by Dr. Javaheri and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ll admit I was a bit impatient with my healing process, with the swelling, but my nose looks perfect now. It will he a year in October. I found the doc to be very professional and clear in explaining to me what to expect. My surgery went super smoothly and I experienced no pain whatsoever. It was a breeze for me. I hope to see him for one more procedure and then I will cut myself off. : ) I also come here for laser hair removal and the nurse is amazing. She is so sweet and great at what she does as well.”

-Coraly S.

“I did liposuction and Tummy tuck with Dr.Javaheri, he did an excellent job. He is the most knowledgeable plastic surgeon you can find.He presents you with different option and help you to make the right decision. His Excellent and friendly staff make you even more happy and comfortable on your visit and during the procedures.I recommend him to all my friends and family. I thought he was realistic, honest and helpful, and would have done his best to get a good surgical outcome.Thank you so much for changing my life”*

-Ellie D.

“I really enjoyed my visit with Dr. Javaheri. I got botox and my forehead looks amazing!! I was a little nervous at first (which he noticed) so he did his best to relax me and even made me laugh. I didn’t feel as if I was rushed or hurried… and I had a lot of questions. He was very honest and straightforward about the results I would get. And it turned out to be much easier than I imagined it would be. Very worth it, I love the results :)”*

-Katie G.

“I went to a consultation with Dr. Javaheri, and although I went with a different surgeon, it wasn’t because I didn’t have total trust and respect for Dr. Javaheri. I thought he was realistic, honest and helpful, and would have done his best to get a good surgical outcome. I think I was less comfortable with how ritzy the office is, I prefer a more low key facility, but some people really like the more high tech and snazzy experience. It really depends on what your needs are and what you prefer. I recommend meeting with him for a consultation if you are considering reconstructive or plastics work, and seeing if he’s the guy for you.”*

-Rebecca H.

“Amazing plastic surgeon and physician! Dr. Javaheri presents you with different treatment options and let’s you as the patient make the decision on which option is best for you. It’s rare to find a Doctor who listens to your wants and needs. So if you get the opportunity, schedule a consultation with him!”*

-Leah H.

“Dr. Javaheri is fantastic. I had a big mole between my nose and upper lip that I finally decided to get removed this year (after thinking about it for over 30 years), and he did a brilliant job. He pulled the skin up so that the scar was right under my nose and is very hard to see. It’s healed great. He has a great bed-side manner. My only complaint is that he told me not to take the tape off for a few days, but it bled through a bit and created scabs, and when I went in for my follow-up a couple of days later, he said oh yeah, you don’t want to let that happen, as it will make scarring worse. Would have been good info to have up front! But aside from that oversight, he was wonderful and totally exceeded my expectations for what I was sure was going to be an ugly scar and turned out to be hardly noticeable.”*

-Jackie W.

“I can honestly say the Dr. Javaheri is honest and will tell you what he feels you can expect from a surgery or procedure. Dr. Javaheri believes in thinking positive and will work with his patients on that.

He is skilled, has had many years experience, does a good job making sure you understand technique and procedure.

His office staff is also supportive and has good follow through. Their service is personalized and they make you feel like a friend.

As with any surgeon or service, you need to educate yourself on what to expect and put trust in their skills. I always believe a patient needs to educate themselves so they are better equipped on what questions to ask when in an appointment, and to better understand the possible outcomes.”*

-Sandra W.

“Everyday I see more change and improvement. The clock is turned back and it’s like I get a 2nd chance. Rather like a mini-magical miracle so…thank you. Thank you for your excellent work. I send you a little dance of gratitude.”*

– D

“I had my first consultation and treatment with DrJavaheri and was beyond pleased. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and took his time with me explaining the treatment procedure. What impressed me most is he was interested in fully understanding what was important to me (a natural look) and gave me several options to consider. I did end up going with DrJavaheri and the results are amazing. My eyes look perfect and my face looks refreshed. And the staff was friendly and warm. I will HIGHLY recommend DrJavaheri to everyone and anyone who is interested. They are the best.”*

-Jayne C.

“Dr. Javaheri is extremely patient and great at what he does, his assistant was understanding when I was late as well – San dFrancisco traffic. Thank you! Appreciate the professionalism. The price is a little higher but you get what you pay for!”*

-Emilia D.

“Dr.Javaheri and his staff made me feel welcomed and treated me very respectfully! They were prompt to all my calls. They all very professional and attentive!

Dr. J is super caring and kind! He was honest, Detailed in explaining, and was always available post operatively! I could reach him on his cell and he was always reassuring and caring!

I am very happy with all the results and couldn’t have asked for a better doctor!!
With gratitude and respect,”*

– Sasha S.

“DrJavaheri is a wonderful doctor who has done several procedures on me. Every time and everything he has done, has always had wonderful outcomes, and he makes you feel like family, always a phone call away.

I recommend DrJavaeheri, 100%.”*

-Mimi D.

“Such a warm and comforting doctor and office manager. Explained all facets of procedure. Done quickly without complications. Sent me away without any worries. Thank you!”*

-Bonnie N.

“All I can say is that I am so grateful and blessed to have met Dr. JAVAHERI. He has been nothing but nice and reassuring since my first appointment until he woke me up after the procedure. My breast reconstruction and lift is so perfect and beautiful. I’m so pleased and satisfied. I will truly recommend and refer him to anyone who wants a beautiful outcome like myself. I would give 10 stars, not only 5. Let’s not forget his reception Julie very very nice also. I luv me some Dr. JAVAHERI …….”*

– Robbie L.

“I passed out at work and fell face first on the floor. At E.R. they told me that my eyebrow wouldn’t move and I had nerve damage. They referred me to a few plastic surgeons, only one of which would see me. Dr. Javaheri. Upon meeting his staff and then meeting the Doctor, I was immediately impressed. Dr. Javaheri was very good at explaining to me what nerve damage was and how they work. He explained the couple of scenarios that could have happened and what he could do, depending on what he would find inside. I never felt that he was holding back from being anything but truthful and at the same time being positive. This helped me set my expectations at a realistic level. Once we set up a surgery date, my insurance company wanted to not clear part of the procedure codes to make the surgery happen. Dr. Javaheri’s assistant kept on the insurance company, with a letter from the Doctor, to make sure it happened. Everything went well at the surgery and the Doctor was reassuring throughout. When I followed up with him at the office, everything looked fine and now we just wait to see if the nerves will start communicating after he mended a partial sever.

I would recommend Dr. Javaheri for your reconstructive needs. He is an honest and sincere Doctor to talk to.”*

-David F.

“Dr. Javaheri did a fantastic job with my mole removal–one that other specialists told me they didn’t really want to do it since it was on my forehead. It looks great and he was able to see me right away.

The NP Annie is fantastic as well. She is always incredibly friendly and does a great job with the laser hair removal.”

-Cynthia B.

“My daughter came to a point in her physical development where her breasts were so large our Insurance company agreed to pay for reduction surgery because it was medically necessary. This was an EXTREMELY hard choice to make as a parent and I struggled with it for a long time, putting my daughter off when she would beg for it. Her Pediatrician supported her request and we consulted with Dr. Javaheri, the surgeon our Pediatrician recommended. He was patient informative and seemed to really understand my position as a parent, wanting to make the best decision for my child. We went ahead with the surgery, and I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. From our consultation, to our post-op visits, Dr. Javaheri was focused on my daughter’s well-being, he was compassionate, informative, respectful of my decision, and his aftercare was above and beyond expectations. He called regularly to check up on my daughter and his office staff was amazing as well. Remembering our names and circumstances every time I called, giving us positive support before, during and after the procedure. The surgical nurse was tender and the anesthesiologist was wonderful.

All in all I felt like we made the right decision, the whole experience fell together seamlessly, we had information and support and my daughter is noticeably more physically active, her back and shoulder pain is gone, she can find clothes that fit, and her overall well-being has definitely improved since the surgery.

Based on our experience, I would recommend Dr.Javaheri to anyone considering reconstructive surgery.”*

-Lissette R.

“2 weeks ago I had a tummy tuck surgery done by Dr. ShahinJavaheri. I had lots of fear, second thoughts and concerns. Dr. Javaheri was so kind, met and spoke with me several times prior to surgery, he and his staff were really professional and compassionate and encouraged me to take my time. The surgery was very successful, the operating room was very nice and comfortable, afterward I was able to walk to the car by myself and be driven home. The pain was completely manageable with pain pills, I was really shocked, it looked nothing like I had imagined, I was able to go up and down the stairs gently even on the first day. The incision looks really clean and good. I could not believe the great results. I still have swelling, but even with that my profile is a perfect straight line the bulge is completely gone. After the surgery, for the first week I got a call from the doctor, anesthesiologist and the staff every day. I felt so cared for, Doctor Javaheri has given me his personal cell phone number and has made me feel welcome to call him any time. We talk every other day and he listens so attentively about what I am experiencing. If you decide to do a cosmetic surgery and you are concerned about the quality of the doctor’ skills and a compassionate dr, with good communication skills and bed side manners. I highly recommend Dr. Javaherian, he is a double board certified and compare to the experience of two friends that did a tummy tuck last year, we agreed that overall my experience and results were better.”*

-Mahnaz R.

“Hi all, I wanted to send a thank you for all you guys did for me. I’m so thrilled. Everyone was so kind and knowledgeable and just plain fun. That really helped me get over being nervous and shy about the whole thing. Your experience really shines. I attached a picture of my new chest with a shirt I’m wearing that made me think of y’all!”

“I have had 3 procedures so far with Dr. Javaheri, they are: tummy tuck with lower body lift, arms & breast reduction , and legs & gluteus maximus lift. My upcoming surgery is a face lift procedure. All these procedures are following weight loss surgery procedure called Gastric Bypass whereby I lost nearly 300 lbs. Dr. Javaheri performed all of my plastic & reconstructive surgeries to a great success. I am very pleased by the results. He even came to the office on a Sunday to deal with a small complication I had following one of my surgeries. It is so unusual to find a surgeon who cares so much about his patients; and an office staff that are so capable.”

– PB

“I wanted to say thank you so much for the best tummy tuck. My husband and I are so very pleased. We look at my tummy often and cannot believe it’s mine. Dr. Javaheri, you are a man with high excellence and much gentleness. Rosh, you are a woman of much grace and joy. Thank you both so very much for everything, especially my new tummy.”*

– Most Grateful Oct ’04

“There are no words I can express to you how thankful I am for the wonderful job you did on my surgery. I feel 10 pounds lighter. I am and always will be eternally grateful.”*

– F

“You did a wonderful job on my breast! I have never looked and felt better. My breasts were very big and I feel a hundred times better in my appearance now. Dr. Javaheri is very kind and does great work. I will never forget what he has done for me!”*

– LB

“I came to you with a very uncomfortable feeling about a part of my stomach area. I have always wanted to have this procedure take care of but did not. After making that one phone call to your office and visiting you and your staff, everyone made me feel completely satisfied that I had found the right person to make this change in my life. I can go on and on but basically you have personally made a great change for me. You were completely gentle and very honest with me. I am very happy I had this procedure done by you. Thank you! Even in the hospital you made it all better knowing I was scared and nervous. You’re great! Thank you again.”*

– DB

“Thank you so much for your consideration and helpfulness in my face dilemma. I sincerely appreciate what you have done for me. THANK YOU!“*

– MR

“I was sorry to cause you to make an unneeded trip to Alta Bates yesterday. Thank you for the excellent care you are providing to Deborah.”*

– AE

“I would like to say THANK YOU to Dr. Javaheri for my surgery. I received excellent service. He explained everything he was doing step by step which help ease my mind.”*

– P

“Thank you, in appreciation to your supreme dedication to duty. The surgery went well! Thank you very much.”*

– MF

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Any specific claims or permanence length of results vary for each patient and are not guaranteed. Please remember that the information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval. We will do the best to provide you with all the information to decide whether or not a treatment is right for you. Your health and safety is our priority, we cannot guarantee that your results will be permanent and appear a certain way.