San Francisco Buttock Enhancement Procedure

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The buttock augmentation procedure can help women feel more confident about their shape and proportions. Also known as gluteoplasty, the procedure results in the improvement of the size, shape, and contour of the buttock.

There are three different approaches to buttock augmentation, including fat transfer, implants, or a combination of the two.

Many San Francisco plastic surgeons prefer the fat transfer method which uses the patient’s own tissue, in cases where there is sufficient body fat that can be utilized. The fat is removed via liposuction from various donor sites and re-injected to the buttocks to sculpt a fuller more rounded appearance.

A buttock augmentation involving implants is relatively straightforward. To start, a well-hidden scar is strategically placed in the crease of the buttocks, and then buttock implants are positioned between the layers of the muscle. The implant is positioned so that it is not near the bony part of the buttock as to not hinder comfort during sitting. Since the implant is made of solid silicone gel, it is important to note that it will not leak.

San Francisco plastic surgeon Shahin Javaheri M.D. is one of a few surgeons who performs this progressive body contouring procedure. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss a buttock lift in San Francisco with Dr. Javaheri, call 855.923.3800 or visit

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