How to Get Bigger Calves Fast?

How can I increase the size of my calves? I work out but cannot see a change.

How can I increase the size of my calves?  Calf augmentation, or enhancement, is a procedure which involves mainly the placement of an implant to increase the “size” of the calve muscles. This is an important distinction because the goal of calf augmentation is to enlarge the muscle portion of the calves. Another-words, they make the muscular portion look bigger. To understand calf augmentation one must first understand the anatomy.

The calve muscles, gastrocnemius muscles, are actually two heads of one muscle. One is lateral, and the other is medial. The lateral head is wider, but shorter, and the medial head is longer, but narrower. The two heads then meet in the midline and, along with another and deeper muscle, called the soleus, join and form a tendon which forms the Achilles tendon that connects to the heel of the foot.

The calf implant is meant to augment the muscle portion only, and not the tendon. This allows a much more robust appearance to the calve muscles, giving a much more enhanced and muscular look that people desire from extreme work-outs.

Calf augmentation doesn’t always make one look like body builders. It can used to refine one’s legs for a sharper and more attractive look. It works especially well for those who work out routinely but have a difficult time showing the fruits of their labor! To learn more, call (415) 923-3800 or contact us for an online consultation.

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