Droopy Buttocks! What are my options?

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My buttocks are flat and droopy; I would like them to be more shapely and rounded.  What are my options?

The best option for improvement of a flat and “droopy” buttock is micro-fat grafting.  This procedure is also known as the “Brazilian butt lift”! 

The procedure involves “harvesting” fat from the patient’s body, treating the fat, and carefully placing them into the deep tissues of the buttocks.  This is a very technically oriented procedure, not to mention an artistic one.  The fat must be placed in very minute amounts in order for the body to be able to support them.  Like any type of transplant into the human body, an adequate blood supply is extremely important in or for the fat to survive.

For patients who do not have enough fat, an alternate method is the placement of a gluteal implant.  The implant is composed of a “soft” hard silicone.  That means that it is not a gel implant, but a solid implant which is as soft as possible without being a gel.  A gel implant will likely rupture as soon as the patient sits on them or falls on them.  A solid implant will obviously not rupture!

The implant, as I perform them, is placed into the layers of the gluteus maximus muscle.  It must be placed correctly so as to avoid movement.  Also, there are two shapes of implants: a “tear-drop” shape, which is oval in nature, and a round shape.

An implant will not always correct a droopy buttock so a careful selection of the patient is important so as not to perform an in-appropriate procedure.  Additional information can be found here: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/buttock-augmentation.html

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