Hip Dips: What is the Best Option?

What Are Hip Dips?

Hip dips are inward curves that occur naturally due to the shape of your pelvis. They are a normal part of your body structure and not an indication of how healthy you are. If our bodies were stripped down to skeletons, everyone would have an indentation where the hip bones meet the top of the thigh.

hip dips best option

While hip dips are not a cause for concern in terms of your health, not everyone feels comfortable with them. Unfortunately, there aren’t any lifestyle changes that will significantly change hip dips because they are part of your bone structure.

The good news is that you do have options when it comes to reducing the appearance of hip dips. To discuss the options that are best for your body, contact Dr. Shahin Javaheri today.

Muscle Building Exercises

While you cannot change your bone structure, there are exercises you can do to enhance your body shape. The best exercises build muscle mass and reduce fat, though they will not make hip dips go away entirely.

To start, look at yourself in the mirror to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. Start with 1-2 sets each day and gradually increase them. You can find detailed instructions on this site for the following exercises, as well as others:

  • Side hip openers 
  • Standing kickback lunges 
  • Standing side leg lifts 
  • Squats 
  • Glute bridges 
  • Leg kickbacks 
  • Side lunges 

Hip Implants

If you’re looking to do more than build muscle mass, the next option is hip augmentation surgery. We recommend this procedure if your hip dips are noticeable, you are uncomfortable with your body and/or diet and exercise have been ineffective.

Hip augmentation surgery involves sculpting and reconstruction to achieve your desired results. In fact, Dr. Javaheri creates custom hip implants to augment hip dips and create permanent projections. They are made from soft silicone that looks and feels like real muscle. You’ll never have any leakage, either, as they are not filled with liquid.

Hip Fat Transfer Surgery

Another type of hip surgery is a fat transfer, which usually involves liposuction. With this procedure, Dr. Javaheri siphons fat from one area of the body and injects it into the hips for a smooth silhouette.

The benefit of this procedure is that it’s not as invasive as hip implants. As an added bonus, taking fat from a different area can slim out other body parts, making hip augmentation even more pronounced. This procedure is not recommended for larger hip dips, but rather a slight contouring as the fat absorption rate is higher in the hips.

Sculptra Injections

One last option you may have for minimizing the look of hip dips is Sculptra injections. This injectable filler restores lost volume by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. What you get is improved lift and plumpness. We recommend Sculptra injections for individuals who do not want hip implants and also do not have much fat to transfer. 

Sculptra injections are costly because they provide temporary results. In a couple of years, you may need the procedure redone. But, if money is not an object and you are not a candidate for other hip augmentation procedures, Sculptra injections are worth considering. 

To see if hip augmentation is right for you, contact Dr. Shahin Javaheri for an appointment. Even though hip dips are normal, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable with them. Let us give you the results you are looking for! Call us on (415) 923-3800 to know more.

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