How to Get a V-Shaped or V-Line Face Naturally?

Many people desire a V-shaped or V-line face, which offers a sculpted, youthful look. This trend became popular in Asia and has now spread across the world. The good news is that almost anyone can achieve a V-shaped face by injecting Botox and fillers.

No surgery is required. However, if you’re not ready to use fillers, there are more natural ways to achieve attractive, slim facial features.

How to Get a V Shaped Face?
How to Get a V-Shaped Face?

Below are some of the most effective techniques to help you get a V-shaped face naturally:

1. Practice Face Yoga

That’s right – yoga isn’t just for the body. Face yoga incorporates facial exercises to train the muscles around your face. By flexing and stretching these muscles, you can remove wrinkles, baggy eyes, and sagging skin. It’s like a natural facelift!

The best part about face yoga is that you can do the exercises any time of the day, such as when driving or watching TV. It only takes about 3-5 minutes. Here are six easy face yoga poses to try on your own time.

2. Use a Face Lifting Cream

There are a number of face-lifting creams and masks on the market that you can try. These products work by reducing water retention and swelling, as well as firming the muscles. Even if you don’t get the exact results you were hoping for, you can eliminate puffy, bloated cheeks and a double chin with regular use. It’s a step in the right direction!

3. Try a Facial Slimming Massage

Another thing to try is a facial slimming massage, which is offered at many massage places. Or, you can purchase the products and do your own massages. To achieve the desired results, you need a number of special tools that sculpt the face and get rid of water retention. This is done by draining the lymph nodes around your face. Additional benefits include firmer skin, toned facial muscles, and a brighter complexion.

4. Adjust Your Diet

Making some changes in your diet can also slim out the face. As with the methods listed above, the goal of making changes to your diet is to eliminate water retention. Eating too much salt, for example, can lead to a bloated face and double chin. Cut down on junk food like chips, burgers, pizza, fast food, and processed food. These items have a lot of salt and preservatives that you don’t need.

5. What if Natural Methods Don’t Work?

If the strategies listed above are not effective, or you don’t want to wait to see results, you can achieve a V-shaped face by injecting Botox or another filler. These solutions are minimally invasive and have a low risk for adverse effects. You can get the beautiful V-line face that you want without surgery or downtime.

SF Plastic Surgeon offers a number of fillers, including Botox, Juvederm, and Kybella. By scheduling a consultation, you can meet with Dr. Shahin Javaheri and discuss the options that will help you reach your goal.

Our injectable fillers offer the following benefits: 

  • Slim the cheekbones
  • Eliminate a double-chin
  • Remove fat around the jaw 
  • Smooth over wrinkles, lines and creases 
  • Increase skin elasticity 
  • Remove sagging skin

Even though there are different filler options, you can expect a fast and painless procedure that gives you the results you want. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Shahin Javaheri, contact us today. Call us at (855) 923-3800 to know more.