Is a Low-Calorie Diet the Solution for Aging?

Keeping up with your appearance is becoming more difficult these days. Supersized meals and bacon-wrapped-everything seem to be the norm for most American diets, especially considering that more than one-third of adults are considered obese. These days weight is not the first thing on aging minds, but maintaining a youthful appearance is something that seems to have a common dominance. Many people are less inclined to take part in the opportunity to rejuvenate aging skin with invasive cosmetic treatment. Fortunately, there are simpler and more fulfilling treatments to restore the skin’s natural radiance with photo rejuvenation

Photorejuvenation reduces aging signs by using a broad spectrum light to penetrate the outer layer of the skin without harm for a clearer and youthful appearance. The procedure restores natural skin tone without causing harm or increasing healing time like chemical peels or other laser resurfacing treatments would. In the end, a patient’s face, neck, and chest are clear of sun damage, pigmentation, scars, and aging skin.

Can Aging Signs Be Prevented?

There is one common thing everyone shares, we cannot stop the natural aging process. In time we all get visible fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin dries out and becomes thinner with age, because of the natural loss of collagen production. Unfortunately, our lifestyle choices and environmental exposure influence our skin to age prematurely. There are preventive actions that can help slow down aging signs and contain premature aging:

  • Sun Damage – No matter what season, skin needs protection with clothing or sunscreen

  • Avoid Tanning or Tanning Equipment – Apply self-tanner instead to avoid sun damage

  • Quit Smoking – Smoking causes wrinkles and dull complexion

  • Drink Less Alcohol – Alcohol dehydrates the skin and influences damage to settle over time

  • Exercise Regularly – Moderate exercise improves circulation and immune system

  • Stop Use of Burning Skin Products – Dozens of creams and cleansers cause irritation, and irritation makes skin appear older

Another claim that anti-aging experts question is the influence diet has on aging bodies. According to new research found in the journal Cell Metabolism, a low-calorie diet can slow down aging. The proteins in our brain, sirtuins are influenced by how the person regularly consumes food. The research linked low-calorie diets to increased sirtuin production, which operates the brain to delay aging.

The research concluded that mice with low-calorie diets were successfully able to increase sirtuins in their brain to delay aging. For instance, mice that were 24 months old, match the equivalent age of a 70-year-old human. After restricting their diet to fewer calories, they appeared as active as a 5-month-old mouse.

For humans, this translates into 14 extra years of life for women and 7 extra years for men.

If this is in fact true for our generation of men and women then we may start considering extra care treatment for our aging skin. If you have developed early signs of aging, photo rejuvenation can reduce signs of wrinkles and sun damage without disrupting the skin’s surface. Keep your skin youthful and energetic for as long as your body ages.

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