How To Treat Years of Sun Damage and Aging Skin With Modern Technology

The sun is one of the most damaging elements to your skin. Years of exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer. So how can you reverse the damage? Let’s take a look at a few treatments that can help.

Prevention is key when it comes to sun damage. Be sure to always use sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Look for a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply every two hours, or more often if you are swimming or sweating. If you are planning on being in the sun for an extended period of time, cover up with clothing or a hat. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them.

There are several treatments we offer to help improve the appearance of sun damaged skin and textured skin.

1) Sun damage and redness caused by broken capillaries or Rosacea, can be safely treated with photofacials, aka Intense pulse light or photo rejuvenation.  We house the latest aesthetic technologies like the, Lumenis Stellar M22, that helps our technicians customize individualized treatments based on specific visual targets.  For dark skin tones, we have the ClearLift solution.

2) Texture issues like wrinkling, sun damage, acne scars and large pores we treat with Opus RF w/Plasma technology. Opus Plasma is FDA approved and is first skin resurfacing system that uses fractional plasma, an ionized gas that brings heat to the skin in a controlled form using tiny pins create fractionated trauma to targeted areas of skin to give you the tighter, smoother and clearer skin. It’s Opus Glow and glass-like skin. Opus Plasma with Exosomes is an updgade from traditional CO2 without the harsh downtime and possible post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. All skin types and textures can benefit from this revolutionary device. Addition of Exosomes boosts collagen production by 6 folds and elastin by 300%. With Opus plasma, we are taking your skin to an optimal level of rejuvenation without surgery.

What are the benefits of Opus RF Plasma?

  • safely treats ALL skin tones from European to African American skin types
  • Radiant skin
  • Firmer skin
  • Clearer Skin
  • Smoother texture
  • pore size reduction
  • improves fines lines and wrinkles
  • can be used around the eye SAFELY to brighten under eye circles and tighten skin
  • minimal to no downtime
  • Less painful than traditional micro needling, CO2

Are you ready for a change?

Call Dr Shahin Javaheri’s office TODAY at (415) 923-3800, if you are concerned about the effects of sun damage and aging skin. A consultation is required to assess your individual situation and recommend the best course of treatment for you.


Sun damage is a serious issue that can have lasting effects on your health and appearance. However, there are treatments available that can help improve the condition of your skin. Be sure to consult with our qualified medical professionals to find out which treatment is right for you. Remember, prevention is key! Always use sunscreen and take other precautions when spending time in the sun.