What is a Natural Breast Augmentation

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Natural breast augmentation is a procedure that involves placement of a patient’s own fat, harvest using liposuction techniques, into the breast in order to increase its’ size, and/or improve it’s shape.

It can be used in place of implants.  In fact, in many cases, it is superior to implants.  The breast is not always a perfect shape where the simple placement of implants will yield a “perfect” breast!  The implant’s shape is generally the same, with minor differences; therefore, it can’t always create the best shape possible for the breast.  Fat grafting allows the skilled surgeon to place the fat in the exact location to improve the shape and enhance the breast appropriately. 

Fat grafting is a technique that is very surgeon dependent.  That is, it is very skill oriented.  This is not a skill shared by all San Francisco plastic surgeons.  As it stands, the current survival of fat varies from 20-40% loss!  This means that between 20-40% of the fat is lost following grafting.  The reasons vary, but the surgical skill improves this result. 

The procedure is generally limited to placing a certain amount of fat at one time.  This is so that the fat can have the best chance of surviving and to prevent possible skin complications of the breast.  If need be, the fat can be saved for a second procedure in 2-3 months following the original procedure.

Practically any patient is a good candidate for fat grafting, even one’s who have had breast removal following mastectomy for breast cancer.  Another group of patient’s are those with certain congenital deformities of the breast that implants simply can’t always help are those who have “tubular” breast deformities.  For these patient’s fat grafting is the best and only alternative.

A great feature of fat grafting of the breast is that the patient also has liposuction at the same time!  So the patient has the equivalent of having two operations in one!