Are you interested in improving the look of your arms? Consider tricep plastic surgery at SF Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Javaheri is an amazing plastic surgeon and physician with more than 20 years of experience. Today, it is not very common to find a doctor who will listen to your wants and needs. Dr. Javaheri believes that listening to his clients will better help achieve their goals.

Why choose Dr. Javaheri for your tricep plastic surgery? There are numerous reasons! Dr. Javaheri is double board-certified as a plastic surgeon, providing his clients a wide range of plastic and reconstructive options in the SF Bay area. Whether you are looking to improve your appearance, combat the signs of aging or boost your self-esteem, Dr. Javaheri and his team can provide treatment options that will give you the results you want.

SF Plastic Surgeon Dr. Javaheri is an expert in determining the right procedure for you. He combines surgical skill and experience while balancing patient expectation with the realities of each patient’s anatomy. The results can be a significant improvement in shape as well as self-esteem.

Pectoral, bicep and tricep plastic surgery is commonly used to enhance the natural curvatures and muscles of the body and are specifically designed to make the muscles look bulkier. If you’re among the group of men who are not able to develop their arm muscles to your desired level, an implant can help improve the proportions of muscles to your desired level.

If you are interested in diminishing fatty or glandular tissue from the chest area which will improve the overall shape and contour of your chest, male breast reduction surgery can be combined with tricep plastic surgery, providing you with the look you want. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Javaheri to customize a procedure to enhance your body shape. With today’s innovative procedures, it’s possible to achieve the ideal body through plastic surgery.

Have you recently lost a significant amount of weight, leaving you with excess skin that has lost its elasticity? Take heart- you’re not alone. While exercising can strengthen and improve the overall tone of the muscles, it can’t do very much for skin that has lost its elasticity. If the underside of your upper arms appears loose, droops or sagging, an arm lift may be the perfect procedure for you.

The arm lift helps to reduce excess skin and the fat between the underarm and elbow. The result is dramatic- smoother skin and a more toned and proportionate overall appearance. Results are dramatically visible after surgery and even more so as time passes.

Contact Dr. Javaheri at 415-923-3800 to discuss your options for improving the appearance of your arms, through tricep plastic surgery, or a combination of treatments that will provide the results you have in mind.

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