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How to Improve Breast Asymmetry

It is not uncommon for women to have uneven breasts, actually it is the norm. Every woman has one breast larger than the other, however for some women it can be a drastic difference. Many times women who have an obvious inconsistency between breast sizes feel uncomfortable, and embarrassed. Breast asymmetry can make women self-conscious; however there are a few methods that can provide a balance between both breasts.

Choosing the Right Bra Size

A hassle that women face constantly with uneven breast size is finding the appropriate bra type to fit both breasts comfortably. Do you favor the larger size bra or the smaller bra? When purchasing new bras, it’s important to fit the larger breast comfortably. The larger sized bra will most likely leave a gap between the cup and the breast, but that can be easily remedied with a bra pad to fill the empty space. However, with the smaller bra, the bigger breast may feel smashed while the smaller breast feels at ease.

Achieving Symmetrical Proportion

For women who want to feel more comfortable in their own skin, there are several surgical options to consider to improve breast asymmetry. The first thing to consider is the ideal breast size for your body, would you want to add a breast implant to the smaller breast or reduce the size of the larger breast?

To achieve the best results, is to consider resizing both breasts. For example, women with large breasts both can be reduced but one breast will be reduced more than the other. If both breasts are small, you can consider a breast augmentation procedure to keep both breasts as similar as possible.

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How to Prevent Post-Liposuction Skin Dimples

When liposuction San Francisco patients make the decision to remove excess fat from their body contour, they find the procedure to be perfect for resolving problem areas and obtain an overall better shape and silhouette. Summer is here and that means it is time to hit the beach, and just when you tie up your new bikini you realize an unusual lump of pocketed skin. Although this is a very rare occurrence, an experienced plastic surgeon San Francisco provides you with the best precautions to avoid this formation after fat cell removal that way you can enjoy the summer sun confidently.

What Is Skin Dimpling?

Following liposuction, skin and underlying tissue needs to heal for a couple of weeks in order to adjust to body contouring. Subcutaneous fat tissue will settle into place and heal evenly in most body contouring procedures. However, there is the very rare instance where remaining fat is unevenly distributed. As a result, the skin around the treated areas, mostly in the stomach or buttocks gains a dimpled texture, which resembles the sight of cellulite.

Every liposuction specialist will provide knowledge about skin dimpling beforehand to help the patient prevent this upsetting issue. By working with a San Francisco plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Shahin Javaheri, you will rest assured understand the possible complications that may develop and how to prevent them.

Treating and Preventing Skin Dimples

In the hands of a trained plastic surgeon who utilizes the right technique, liposuction patients can take precautions to help their body prevent skin dimples. Following body contouring it is advised that every patient try to maintain a stable weight, keep very well hydrated and consume a healthy diet that is low in trans fats, sodium, sugar and overall calories. Once exercise is permitted by your plastic surgeon you can ease into a consistent routine to complement your diet.

In case skin dimpling occurs or other irregularities occur, consult your plastic surgeon to learn the best methods to effectively reduce their appearance. Some techniques may include:

  • Massage
  • Ultrasound energy
  • Radiofrequency energy
  • Laser skin tightening

A skilled plastic surgeon will pre-determine if a patient’s body has good skin elasticity to avoid the irregularities of skin dimpling. He will share with you the possible outcomes of skin dimpling and if other body contouring surgeries can be paired for enhanced results. Avoiding overzealous suctioning of fat cells is one of the best techniques to avoid skin irregularity. As per the study from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, preoperative measures by combining ultrasound techniques can minimize complications of skin dimpling after liposuction. Selecting this method of treatment for body contouring candidates will reduce the chances of complication and achieve slim and toned results.

If you are contemplating body contouring and want to look your best this summer, then consult with the top rated plastic surgeon that liposuction San Francisco patients choose most, The Office of Dr. Shahin Javaheri.