Once the decision, for a transition from female to male has been made, certain procedures may be necessary to enhance the masculine appearance. For example, having a mastectomy will often result in a flattened chest. A masculine chest should have a more prominent pectoral area. To aid the more masculine appearance, a pectoral implant is the best way to create a more masculine shape. Fat grafting is another option; however, due to its longevity and a possible opposite (i.e. feminizing) effect, it is inferior to an implant for appearance.

Another typical feature of males is a more prominent biceps muscle. A modest-size implant will greatly and safely enhance the biceps without the appearance of a bodybuilder. Facial implants can also create a more masculine look, which tends to be more angular in areas of the jaw (mandible). For example, prominent mandible angles or a square chin. Dr. Javaheri, specializes in the correct positioning of chin, mandible angle, or even customized implants, using 3D CT scan technology.

Dr. Javaheri, specializes in face and body implants and has been performing these procedures for over 19 years, and currently gives lectures, and teaches surgeons to perform these operations safely and effectively.