4 Aging Signs Botox Can Erase before Mother’s Day

We all know that we are not invincible, and every day we look in the mirror we find out something different about ourselves. We find out that our wrinkles are starting to get the best of our face. The first and easiest solution is to run out and find the best anti-aging cream to hide those disastrous wrinkles and fine lines. The answer to your problems is not in those expensive face cream bottles, so first consider a youthful and more inspiring form of correction – Botox.

Botox in San Francisco has proven to erase the saddening signs of aging that fail to disappear with makeup, healthy diet and skin protection habits. Botox injections temporarily block nerves and impulses in tiny facial muscles that way they help the face relax for a normal expression. As a result, smoother, tighter and youthful skin improves your appearance for a wholesome and natural look. We all know that every mother deserves to look and feel her best, and what a better way to achieve that than today.

What Aging Signs Are Erased with Botox?

The most thorough treatment that mothers have to erase and prevent wrinkles on the face is with Botox. Most women do not realize that the repetitive muscle movement in their face is one of the causes for their wrinkles and to make matters worse there are four main areas affected most by repetitive muscle movements, including:

  • Eleven lines – the area between the eyebrows.

  • Crow’s feet – wrinkles along the corners of the eyes.

  • Horizontal lines – lines across the forehead.

  • Corners of the mouth – appearance of smiling or frowning when face is at rest.

An experienced board certified Botox injector can help erase the dynamic wrinkles caused by aging. You can make your appointment now and learn how they can relieve the stressed and tired appearance from your youthful skin. Botox has proven to help relieve depression symptoms from patients.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, half of the patients who received Botox injections to treat their wrinkles simultaneously decreased symptoms of depression. Psychosomatic medicine proposes that the state of our mind affects our bodies, so if we are worried or stressed it can actually manifest into a real headache or stomach ache. This study tells us that with the use of Botox to treat frown lines alleviates depression symptoms through conveyed messages in our body language which influences our emotional state.

With more than 12 million people reaching out to Botox each year to erase aging signs, Botox remains as America’s top choice for non-invasive cosmetic procedures. It may not treat everyone’s symptoms of depression just yet, but it is sure to remove your dynamic wrinkles and lift your spirits up for long-lasting results. Mothers if you are considering Botox, schedule an appointment for Botox in San Francisco with Dr. Javaheri to have fresh and youthful skin today.

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