Thinking about gluteal implants? San Francisco surgeon, Dr. Javaheri is one of a handful of surgeons who offer this very progressive body contour-ing procedure. If you’d like to feel more confident about your shape and proportions, you may want to find out more about having this procedure per-formed.

Gluteal implant surgery is a straight forward procedure that strategically places the scar in the breast of the buttocks, so that even with a thong, the incision site is typically not visible. Implants are made of solid silicone gel that cannot leak and are positioned between the layers of the muscle. Glu-teal implants are placed in an area that is away from the body part of the buttock and will not hinder the ability to sit comfortably.

Gluteal implants performed in the San Francisco location result in the im-provement of shape, contour and size. Dr. Javaheri will design a personal surgical plan that is unique to your body’s anatomy and will meet with your goals and desires for an improved overall appearance.

You may be a good candidate for gluteal implants in the San Francisco clin-ic if you are unhappy with the underdeveloped size, shape or volume of your buttocks. If you are a smoker, you will be required to stop smoking one month in advance of surgery since regular smoking constricts blood vessels and can prevent normal healing.

There are three approaches to gluteal implant surgery. Dr. Javaheri will dis-cuss each of the 3 options with you to determine the right procedure to match your desires and goals:

- Buttock enhancement using gluteal implants. This option entails implanting a soft but solid silicone gel insert through an inconspicuous incision, located in the center near the tailbone. The implants are inserted between layers of muscle, resulting in additional projection and fuller shape.

- Buttock enhancement using fat transfer is Dr. Javaheri’s preferred method for enhancing the buttocks and entails adding additional shape and volume using your own tissue. This is an alternative only if the patient has fat to spare. In this case, fat is liposuctioned from donor sites and re-injected into the buttocks to sculpt a fuller, more rounded appearance. Since a portion of the fat will be absorbed by the body, it is slightly overcorrected to compen-sate for this loss.

- Buttock enhancement using a combination of implants and fat transfer.

Gluteal implants in the San Francisco clinic are done under general anes-thetic. The first step is scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Javaheri by calling 415-923-3800, during which time you will be provided with your op-tions, given the opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have. Dr. Javeheri will provide you with a personalized plan that is tai-lored to your specific goals.

Feel free to visit, where you’ll find a wealth of infor-mation on this and other procedures offered by Dr. Javaheri. Take ad-vantage of the informative blog, watch videos of procedures and learn more about financing options for your procedure. With more than 20 years of ex-perience, Dr. Javaheri provides a high level of excellence in the work that he does. Call today to find out more.

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