Coraly S

“I had Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty by Dr. Javaheri and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ll admit I was a bit impatient with my healing process, with the swelling, but my nose looks perfect now. It will he a year in October. I found the doc to be very professional and clear in explaining to me what to expect. My surgery went super smoothly and I experienced no pain whatsoever. It was a breeze for me. I hope to see him for one more procedure and then I will cut myself off. : ) I also come here for laser hair removal and the nurse is amazing. She is so sweet and great at what she does as well.”*

Cynthia B

“Dr. Javaheri did a fantastic job with my mole removal–one that other specialists told me they didn’t really want to do it since it was on my forehead. It looks great and he was able to see me right away.

The NP Annie is fantastic as well. She is always incredibly friendly and does a great job with the laser hair removal.”*

Ellie D

“I did liposucktion and Tummy tuck with Dr.Javaheri,he did excellent jod.He is the most knowledgable plastic surgen you can find.He presents you with different option and help you to make the right decision.His Excellent and friendly staff make you even more happy and comfortable on your visit and during the procedures.I recommend him to all my friends and family. I thought he was realistic, honest and helpful, and would have done his best to get a good surgical outcome.Thank you so mch for changing my life.”*

Katie G

“I really enjoyed my visit with Dr. Javaheri. I got botox and my forehead looks amazing!! I was a little nervous at first (which he noticed) so he did his best to relax me and even made me laugh. I didn’t feel as if I was rushed or hurried… and I had a lot of questions. He was very honest and straightforward about the results I would get. And it turned out to be much easier than I imagined it would be. Very worth it, I love the results :)”*

Rebecca H

“I went to a consultation with Dr. Javaheri, and although I went with a different surgeon, it wasn’t because I didn’t have total trust and respect for Dr. Javaheri. I thought he was realistic, honest and helpful, and would have done his best to get a good surgical outcome. I think I was less comfortable with how ritzy the office is, I prefer a more low key facility, but some people really like the more high tech and snazzy experience. It really depends on what your needs are and what you prefer. I recommend meeting with him for a consultation if you are considering reconstructive or plastics work, and seeing if he’s the guy for you.”*

Leah H

“Amazing plastic surgeon and physician! Dr. Javaheri presents you with different treatment options and let’s you as the patient make the decision on which option is best for you. It’s rare to find a Doctor who listens to your wants and needs. So if you get the opportunity, schedule a consultation with him!”*

Jackie W

“Dr. Javaheri is fantastic. I had a big mole between my nose and upper lip that I finally decided to get removed this year (after thinking about it for over 30 years), and he did a brilliant job. He pulled the skin up so that the scar was right under my nose and is very hard to see. It’s healed great. He has a great bed-side manner. My only complaint is that he told me not to take the tape off for a few days, but it bled through a bit and created scabs, and when I went in for my follow-up a couple of days later, he said oh yeah, you don’t want to let that happen, as it will make scarring worse. Would have been good info to have up front! But aside from that oversight, he was wonderful and totally exceeded my expectations for what I was sure was going to be an ugly scar and turned out to be hardly noticeable.”*

Sandra W

“I can honestly say the Dr. Javaheri is honest and will tell you what he feels you can expect from a surgery or procedure. Dr. Javaheri believes in thinking positive and will work with his patients on that.
He is skilled, has had many years experience, does a good job making sure you understand technique and procedure.
His office staff is also supportive and has good follow through. Their service is personalized and they make you feel like a friend.

As with any surgeon or service, you need to educate yourself on what to expect and put trust in their skills. I always believe a patient needs to educate themselves so they are better equipped on what questions to ask when in an appointment, and to better understand the possible outcomes.”*

Emilia D

“Dr. Javaheri is extremely patient and great at what he does, his assistant was understanding when I was late as well – San Francisco traffic. Thank you! Appreciate the professionalism. The price is a little higher but you get what you pay for!”*

Sasha S

“Dr.Javaheri and his staff made me feel welcomed and treated me very respectfully! They were
prompt to all my calls. They all very professional and attentive!

Dr. J is super caring and kind! He was honest, Detailed in explaining, and was always available post operatively! I could reach him on his cell and he was always reassuring and caring!

I am very happy with all the results and couldn’t have asked for a better doctor!!
With gratitude and respect.”*